Theazanka, officially the Nation of Theazanka, is a Feudal state located in Theazanka continent. Three automonous regions are goverened by their feudal lords, while the rest is directly under the jurisdiction of national ruler, mostly known as the king.


National Flag Golden Eagle and olive background color
National Emblem Golden Eagle and bindwood
Capital City of Soaring Dragon
Official languages Chinese, Theazankian

Notable Cities
City of Soaring Dragon [Capital]
Eagle Beak Port [Largest Port]
Full City [Largest Population]
City of the Eagle [Religion Center]
City of Colorful Bird [Capital of Eastern Wing]
City of Southern Seasons [Capital of Western Wing]
BenQie [Capital of Tail]



Most of Theazanka is dominated by plains, with snow-covered alphines in the north. Along the central region, broad grasslands, forests and hills predominate.

Ethnic groups

Ethnic minorities of the Theazanka are human, while 16.2% Theazua population are estimated.

Mostly taken on human form, Theazua has lived among human for millennia. Some Theazua may consider themselves as "human" as those around them, while others may spend more time in their animal form. On average, Theazua may have less (or more, depending on their animal form) strength and constitution than human, and may be gifted with higher (or lower) magical ability. This is, however, statistics, and would not be used to judge an individual. Many human are proven talented mages, and bird Theazua may serve in Theazankian army as well.


The language mostly spoken is Chinese, but most population may know more or less Theazankian. In modern era, English is also gradually introduced into Theazanka, but few may acknowledge it due to little interference with the Portal.


For millennia, Theazankians have lived in a lifestyle that maintains a peaceful and harmonious relation with each other and the nature. Those in the automonous regions may have a relatively fast-paced lifestyle, and may lay more emphasize on industrial development.